Department of General & Laproscopic Surgery


Department of General & Laproscopic Surgery

General Surgery

The division of General surgery deals with a range of surgical ailmets and emergencies. The department deals with pre-operative and post-operative management of surgical problems of all kinds; In addition to treating minor problems, the surgeons are adept at complex abdominal surgeries and trauma cases. Most abdominal surgeries are performed through laparoscope(keyhole surgery).Backing this team of highly skilled surgeons are trained nurses and technicians and state-of-the-art operation theatres equipped with the latest technology. The doctors are specially trained to conduct emergency surgeries to contain excessive bleeding, bowel obstructions, organ perforations, burns and abdominal trauma. Other than emergencies, they are also routinely carry out operations for complications such as appendicitis, hernia, gallbladder removal, thyroid and removal of tumors.

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Services :

Mission Hospital provides the best possible services in Bareilly. Some of are as listed here:

Hepatobiliary Surgery

Upper GI